Day Three Hundred and Nineteen.


Izzy circle


Siri says:
Under the silk is a hot a thread if you look hard enough you can say it


Sarah circle


Potential lines for a three second cameo in a Hollywood film:

Hunker down, heroes, it’s gonna be a real long war.
There are two types of soldier. Those who do, and those who die.
Goddamnit, Jackson. God-fucking-damnit.
You crazy, mister! Ain’t never been a man rode them rapids and lived!
No, not just sharks. Piranha sharks. And they haven’t been fed in years.
Why, this old thing? Juss some old hunk-a-metal come falling out the sky ten years back.
Don’t go baby. Not with this baby in me, baby.
Chalk and cheese? Hell no! At least you can eat chalk and cheese!
I got a bad feeling about this bad feeling about this.
If they won’t listen to reason, maybe they’ll listen to raisins.
Strap me in, boss. I got forty years of bad luck and nothing left to lose.



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