Two Hundred and Nine.


Izzy circle


5’9” and don’t you know it
chest puffed like a peacock
or a rooster
or more like a lion
awkward tan lines
or the person who invented shoulder pads
all the reasons why high ceilings are awesome


Sarah circle


He pressed his ear to the stone and heard the crowd roaring
started back in alarm, stared around at the milling tourists
ran his hands over the centuries-stained rock, looking for speakers
wondered if he was being Punk’d
wondered in Punk’d was still on television
stood uncertainly for a moment as the day droned on
pressed his ear to the stone and heard the swords snap together
heard the hot breath of dogs and the rough skid of gravel
heard the moment the flesh gave way and the insides spilled out of a man
reeled back, knees trembling, clutching his ticket
whose steep price seemed suddenly justified



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