One Hundred and Ninety-One.


Izzy circle


who are you when you fold your hands in your lap and say ‘mm’
who are you under the covers at night when it’s hot or very cold
what is this fever
why are we here
how do you strip yourself back to an essential form of yourself
if you could breathe down your own neck what would you say


Sarah circle


I have made a decision and that decision is that I am going to start curating my body
And you are the first featured artist. Look, I don’t need to see your resume, I’m feeling good about your vibes. And look, obviously I’m not super-sure that you’ve got any relevant experience (at all), but look, kid, you’ve got talent, I can feel it, I can smell it (not in a creepy way, oh, okay, let’s be cool now), look, guy, I just, I just feel like I’ve got a really great exhibition space for you.
It’s not super well lit, or, you know, super equipped when it comes to hanging points or, like security guards, but I’ll lock the doors real tight you so you can’t, so your work can’t –
Look I’m just trying to make you famous, okay?



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