One Hundred and Fifty-Seven.


Izzy circle


what happens when a person becomes a waterfall?
collapsing or cascading with continuous force
a wall of water breaking the surface tension
folding into itself and pushing on to the next thing

I want to feel the salt and weight of you
the jumping salmon swim of you
the rocks that hold the steady flow
and the leaf-boats teetering at the edge


Sarah circle


Look, it’s baked beans or it’s nothing, kiddo. I know they make your belly all big and I know we’ll both be farting like a jazz band but it’s all we got right now. How about this, then? Let’s pretend they’re whatever you want them to be. What you reckon? You can pick any food in the world and we’ll make believe it’s that. Caviar? Don’t rightly know what that tastes like, bub, but it sure is fancy. Pink, I reckon. Pink like a Barbie Dream House. Yeah, that’s right, we’ll eat our pink caviar out of our golden bowls. Real fancy. Real classy, like on the telly. Like all those all time movies with the beautiful ladies in puffy dresses and the men in coats with the split in the back. Would you look at all this caviar? This right here is five hundred dollars worth of caviar. How much, you say? Twenty-million hundred worth? Well, gosh, you’re right, this is a treat! Hoo boy, I hope we can have caviar again some time! You don’t? I know. I know, kiddo. But we’re the best at pretending. We’re the number one pretenders in the whole world. And one day, you know what? Your old dad is going to buy you so much caviar you won’t be able to eat it all. You’ll have a fat old baked bean belly from all the caviar in your little tum. Just you wait and see. Just you wait.



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