One Hundred and Thirty-Seven.


Izzy circle


giant, mobile neon signs follow us around
flashing the words ‘life choices’ from every angle

sitting in the information flow, waiting for things to change
we will eat breakfast for dinner whenever we goddamn please

the neon signs are inescapable, and there’s an earnestness
to the way in which the world tries to swallow us whole

but I just can’t stop thinking about the impossibility
of collisions and cellular miracles that have led to us being here, now


Sarah circle


As I walked into the night, I found that I had, without noticing, stolen a teaspoon, tucked into my hand. I wondered whether it was a sign that I should go back and ask if you were okay. I’m pretty sure you weren’t. But instead, I scaled the wall by the old people’s home, and left the spoon on the bluestone, stared for a moment at the nurse slumped inside, felt guilt course like blood through me. And I left.



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