One Hundred and Thirty-Eight.


Izzy circle


I’m gonna eat cereal whenever I goddamn want
breakfast for dinner is brinner and it’s better this way
hey why not mix it up and have dinner for breakfast too?

I want to tell politicians that their faces annoy me
because I can’t articulate all of the real things I want to say
about how they’re fucking our systems from the inside out

I am the tiny caterpillar gnawing through underwater fibre optic cables
from Sydney to LA, I’m so fancy I’m gonna eat all your internet
I’m eating all your internet one byte at a time, watch me devour this

the world is enormous and Atlas has a sore back
his contract only allows collective bargaining and no chiropractic cover
the world is enormous and yet the whole thing is on a pinhead


Sarah circle


Mercury slunk through the holes in her heart, oozing silver-black sweetness into each crack
She felt her chest stiffen with concrete-hard certainty, and smiled at the bulletproof fist in her ribs



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