One Hundred and Twenty-Two.


Izzy circle


something is getting ready to grow here
the ducks are landing gracelessly but assured
I can’t hear you Ta-Ku
the roar of the river is too loud


Sarah circle


contract killer // no job too small //
you got ants you got mice you got cockroaches
i got that shit, lady
you got toads you got fleas you got blackberries
scratch you up like a bitch them blackberries
then I am your man, oho yes
not dogs, though, nah, not dogs
what sort of a heartless fucker kills a dog
no cats either, them cats are crafty sonbitches
yeah look i’d say like, maximum, a gerbil
but, like, a really nasty gerbil
like with rabies or summat
not, like, just because you don’t like the colour
i’m pretty good with aeroguard, too
in case you, you know, forget to put it on
i could just spray it around when you go outside
like a bouncer
but for mosquitos
cos aint nobody got time for malaria



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