Izzy circle


I made an OK Cupid profile looking for
a double
so I could follow myself around
critique my actions
and better interrogate my life

lying supine and divine and squash-faced
I put my Macbook on its side to face me
so I am curved around the screen, holding it gently.
I think about kissing it
but there is no passion in the white glow

I am moored here until my double takes over
the carpet around my bed is a sea
you cannot put your feet in it
it stings

the refresh button is a genius invention
except when nothing changes

where are all the Amazons?
the glowing 6-foot women
with whip-crack laughs and powerful thighs

where are the women of action,
the real deal and raw sex appeal
who know what they want and always get it?

who will be my double?
answer me
who will act for me?

webs of self-doubt are more like spit than gossamer
yesterday, this body was amazing
today it is a pointless thing


Sarah circle


We are so very fragile.
Swinging on skeins of spider-thread
Arcing through our blustery days
Cocooned in the knowledge
That gossamer is stronger than steel.
But death has no regard
For the measures of man –
To the forces of night
Those tight-woven strands
Are nothing more than a web in the wind



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