Izzy circle


the cereal box screaming STRENGTH
the cereal box screaming ALERTNESS
the cereal box screaming ENERGY

the cereal box screaming

the cereal box screaming
for hours

this is me wearing disco pants
this is me trying to explain the reasons why I love you
without using my hands

this is me wearing ridiculous sunglasses that I got from Primark
they feature a sparkly macaw and palm tree
they are literally the greatest sunglasses I have ever seen
but maybe I wasn’t really looking before now

I shaved off a lot of my body hair
and felt kind of sexy and special and weird
and worried for my feminism

no one is looking anyway, so I guess I am
doing it for myself
but I still don’t know if it’s actually just internalised misogyny
or something that isn’t really me

fuck that, no –
fuck that
I am my body’s only judge
and I think this body, this human body
is fucking incredible

this is the sound of a tree falling in a wood
and shouting GERONIMO

this is me with my hands tied and my mouth open


Sarah circle


Possum all deady-bones, deady onna roadside
Spillin out splatty-face, sick-a-dog dead
Possum all scatter-spray, rock-a-bye fly come
Sitty onna eyeball, snack-a-bite red
Big fatty car come, sing a fatty rock song
Rumble-down highway, breathy-burp lead
Rolla-ball wheel come, picky uppa poss-bum
Dunna gotta worry now, dunna got a head.



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