Izzy circle



I want to be surprised all the time
I want to see ladies with beards walking down the street
because they are fabulous
they can really rock it

there are tiny people having a beach party
under my bed
they’re being really loud
I don’t want them to wake my housemates
but at least they seem to be having a good time

lying on gross carpet
and smelling my burnt jumper
nothing really even matters
there are so many things not worth worrying about

there is a way of dancing
where you don’t even have to move your feet
or arms or legs or head or
you just use your eyes
and the light


I wear the people I love around my neck like talismans
like prayers

I think about walking into the river
and standing still and silent
so I can feel it moving quickly past me

sadness will be your friend if you let it
it will move in
sleep on your feet
eat all your cereal
and never buy milk

but look at the moss
it makes mud beautiful
it’s every shade of green you can imagine
it holds the rocks and tells them it will be ok
it keeps the cracks in the footpath warm

everything used to be something else
and that is a comforting thought


Sarah circle


Marching band baby
A stampede of one
Rocketing through the streets
With cocktails in your collarbones
Diving headfirst into any hands that’ll have you
Rolling in the crib of your bedsheets
Childlike in the dawn
And yes, you fell
And yes, you’re falling
And yes, you’ll fall
But though there’s bruises on your knees
And hips
And cheeks
Every time you think you’re done for
Swallowed by the bad old monster night
There comes, thumping out of the bigness
Drumbeats in the dark
And you touch your chest to find your heart
Has wound itself again
And so Icarus
You gather up your wax and feathers
Hold your breath again
And turn towards the sun



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