Izzy circle


I want to build cities with you
cut holes in the fabric of utopia
to wriggle our arms through

I want to destroy cities with you
burn them down and watch from afar
with the lights like a swarm of fireflies

I want to look over cities with you
and say ‘we own you’

I want to look through cities with you
and say ‘we belong here’

I want to hold your hand

I always want to hold your hand
and kiss your neck

I want to be a teenager with you
I want us to meet in Primary School
but not really be friends until after High School is over
I want you to live on my block

I want to meet you when we don’t know how to speak yet
I want to meet you when we’ve forgotten how to speak
I want to see you when we refuse to speak because sometimes the world looks more beautiful when nobody is speaking

I want to run next to you
I want to run next to you at the end of the world
I want to take the word apocalypse and break it in half to make a cloak to keep you warm at the end of the world

I want to never stop thinking of extreme hypotheticals and metaphors for how we are kickass together

I want to give you a dolphin army
for your birthday

I want to climb trees with you and yell at people walking past
and hang off tall buildings with no ropes
I want to ice skate in only our socks and know that even though our toes feel like rocks and we might even be worried about getting hypothermia or getting so cold our limbs fall off
we won’t
because we have each other to hold onto
even when I fall on my butt and get bruises everywhere

I want to always be hugging you
I want you never to care what I think
or do what I say
or try to be something else
unless you want to

I want to do things with you specifically because I’d never do them with anyone else

I want to tell you everything
and never know why I do

I want to always think you are weird
and never know what you are going to do next
I want to never forget that I can’t know all of you
that you are a whole fucking universe
of your own

my chest is bursting with tiny birds that migrate to the other side of the world
just to see you smile
and fly home to roost in my ribcage

wanting is not the same thing as needing
and it is the best kind of love


Sarah circle


Night falls like a rollercoaster run off its rails
The sewer rats pull on their Sunday best
And promenade through the murmuring streets
Poking curiosities with drinking straw canes
Tipping their soda-pop bottle-top top-hats
To quivering cats astride fencing-post steeds
The taxicabs rumble electric audacious
And the traffic lights disco-dance over the town



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