Day Three Hundred and Sixty-One.


Today’s theme: excellent.

Izzy circle


fun fact:
I will hold your hand at the end of the world, even if it was more practical to be sheltering myself from oncoming asteroids or fending off zombies or holding onto dry land when the water’s rising

if I am the map, then you’re where ‘X’ marks the spot
if there’s something to get, then you’re what I’ve got

under rays that beat like reverberating bass, you’re my cool breeze
in reverberating bass, you’re the knocks in my knees

if the world was ever a whole and untouched place
it hid itself somewhere in the lines on your face

outside the light, you’re the milky guiding glow
in the milky mad nexus, you’re what I know

fun fact:
I will almost always choose to do the impractical but wonderful thing and I will love things that are broken but beautiful


Sarah circle


Legs flapping like fish in a feeding frenzy, spokes whirring, wind gliding off your face smoother than a skincare ad
sun peeping-tom peering up over the treetops ready to bound across the inky sky
being kissed more times than you thought you would be, til your lips go purple and golden and glittery
dogs skittering on polished floorboards, grinning like daisies, tongues sticking out the side
butterflies living their couple of days on a path where you happen to be walking
owls being patted on the head
high fives that just work out
people pushing trains off stuck passengers
babies cackling like old men
your heart exploding over the smell of summer
mushrooms cooked in butter
stars in the country
running just because, in a race against time, winning just for a second, getting a tiny moment ahead of everything



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