Day Three Hundred and Forty-Eight.


Today’s theme: manatees.

Izzy circle


we skim the waves like skin on skin on
bellies flipping birds to the sky

and you can tell us
‘you are the pugs of the sea’

we will still float with bloated grace
spin slow and soft, always high-fiving

we will blow you right out of the water


Sarah circle


Underwater where it’s quiet I turn so slowly, like a planet.
Soft-shelled feet flutter by my face so fast I can’t tell whether they’ve cleaned beneath their toenails, but the chlorine should sort it out if they haven’t.
I let out a bubble and it skitters to the surface and explodes in the air, a message from me to the sky.
My eyes have red rims where the goggles dig in.
I high five the pool floor.



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