Day Three Hundred and Fifty.


Today’s theme: if vaginas had teeth.

Izzy circle


Brush aside your fears of rejection with new refreshing and whitening VagiDent. Caring for your teeth is as simple as a three-stroke brushing regimen twice daily! How could anyone say no to a sparkling set of snappers like these? Get your shine on and smile with VagiDent.

Toothbrushes sold separately.


Sarah circle


You sit there bleeding and sobbing and I am curled up with my heels to my sitbones breathing through my nose and trying to say sorry.
‘Sorry,’ I say, and reach out a hand to you and you flinch away.
‘It’s not you,’ I say, and you laugh hollowly.
‘It’s not even me,’ I say, and you go silent and cold-eyed.
‘Think of it like a sneeze,’ I say, and you do that sort of sob that sounds like a chuckle but isn’t.
‘Or a cramp’, I say, and you blow out air through your lips like a horse.
‘It hasn’t happened for years,’ I say, and you clutch up your cock in your underwear and slide up the wall.
‘I’ll call you’, I say, and you stagger down the hall and the door slams.



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