Day Three Hundred and Fifty-Four.


Today’s theme: cramp.

Izzy circle


somewhere under the water there are mermaids

long locks flicking flowing furled in seaweed and pearls
doe-eyed and dumb and sad like Turner’s girls

under the water, armoured tails flash
brute force fish with a flirtatious splash

over the water, calling you to the depths
with songs or breasts or the promise of shared breath

weighted whether with rocks in your head or your heart
the stabbing pain in your shins is the start

somewhere under the water the mermaids use their teeth.


Sarah circle


You’re like a cramp in the hand when I’m writing out shopping lists. Milk, butter, bad quality bread – you – wham! Into my head. Artichokes, broccoli, tomato paste – you! Wham! Lips on my face. Soap, shaving cream, bottles of beer – you – wham! Breath on my ear. Cheese, onions, olive oil spray – you – wham! Inches away.



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