Day Three Hundred and Twenty-Nine.


Izzy circle


her stomach sank when she heard the news
right down through her pelvis and into her knees
her chest flipped open like a Jumping Jack box
and her legs pooled in puddles, wetting her socks


Sarah circle


The highlighters make her feel safe.
She uncaps the yellow one and glides it over the important things.
She considers the pink one but doesn’t like how it bleeds ink. The blue one is too dark. The green is ugly, but it comforts her, having them all laid out in perfect neon lines, near her hand if she needs them.
She highlights the word ‘love.’ She highlights the word ‘fast.’ She highlights the teeth of the author in the dust cover jacket photo. She feels a bit mean and highlights the whole face, and gives it a halo for good measure. She highlights the fridge magnet that says ‘Yeah!’ She highlights the best before date on the milk in the fridge. She highlights the white spot on the tail of the cat. She highlights the drool spot on her pillow. She highlights the toothpaste. She highlights the light bulb.
By the time she’s done, she’s living in perfect chemical sunshine.



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