Day Three Hundred and Thirty-Two.


Izzy circle


You can’t see me, so don’t try
I’m lost in the undergrowth now
growing creepers up my arms
flowers out my ears –
you don’t know?
I was lost down here so long ago
rolled in the dirt and the undergrowth
helped into earth with a loving hand
that now I’ve forgotten how to stand


Sarah circle


Tell me a story. Once upon a time.
Once upon a time there was a monkey called Geoff. And Geoff was the CEO of an enormous multinational monkey corporation called ‘Geoff’s Bananas.’ And they basically were involved with importing bananas. There was a little bit of diversification into, into, um, other sorts of – wait for it – monkey business, but mostly they just imported bananas. But! They had a lot of structural problems and their bottom line was not very healthy – basically, Geoff was eating all the bananas, and that was really affecting their bottom line. Eventually they went into receivership and they had to liquidate all their bananas in a big blender and they made a smoothie out of them. They liquidated their assets and made them into a smoothie. And that’s the end of the story.
What a good story.



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