Day Three Hundred and Eleven.


Izzy circle


I’m imagining light can burrow
that it’s made its way under your skin
that the way it shines outta your eyeballs,
flows from the back of your neck and your navel
is with the satisfaction of nesting
of resting in a place that finally makes sense


Sarah circle


I have painted you an icon in my own image
for you to worship when I am not at home
I’ve popped in a halo behind my hair
just in case you forget who’s the holy one around here
I’ve clothed me in your favourite dress
the one with the tits out to here
and underneath, I painted that bra I want from Myer
you can’t see it, but now you know it’s there
if you flaked all the oils off, you’d find it there waiting.
if you light a candle in the votive sconce I’ve helpfully provided
it means the flicker just catches in my eyes
and I look cruel and stormy
a worthy judgmental god
for the times when you’re just scrolling through Facebook
and need a little divine intervention
and when your ceiling leaks when it rains
the water trickles down through my open left hand
so that you may lay your head beneath it
and be baptized in my name
I’ve also placed a box of tissues at my feet
for the times when you need to make a sacrificial offering
to sputter and sin in the presence of god
I will stare into your frantic eyes
I will not look away



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