Day Three Hundred and Three.


Izzy circle


an imagined conversation with two Kawaii girls:
Yeah, we’re the only ones who really do it here
Yeah, you know, like, the only two who are actually properly committed to it and stuff.
It’s kind of hard in Geelong/
It’s expensive-
We have to order most of our stuff off the internet.
Yeah, there used to be a sort of specialty store, like, an importer, but it closed down.
Sometimes we go to Melbourne
Yeah, some Sundays we go to Melbourne. There’s more stuff there.
There’s more different stuff there.
These hair pieces cost $10 in Melbourne
They would have been, like, way more than that here.
Yeah, ‘cause they’re actually from Japan.
Mm, we’re pretty committed to it. I just really love Japan, Japanese culture
Yeah, me too.
Love it.
I don’t ever want to change
I’m pretty happy how I am now, yeah.
I think I probably spend about $100 a week on maintaining this look
Yeah, I spend like $150 a week
It’s worth it
Yeah. Totally worth it.


Sarah circle


light like lemon cheesecake in the air
fat and pale and creamy
dripping down the walls
lining the inside of his gums
seeping into his words with the tenacity of biscuit crumbs
his tongue flops onto the floor and oozes away
spit slides down his chin and pools in his beard hair
she rolls into his lap and grins and he just stares



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