Two Hundred and Ninety-Six.


Izzy circle


sketches for my sweetheart the drunk
8. Of all the old men in sparkling sports cars, you’d be the dog hanging its tongue out the passenger side.


Sarah circle


Now listen cos this is important
we step into the light here, now, today
no more meetings in dark corridors
halfway between the pissweak halogen bulbs
pressing into the mouldy wallpaper with our shoulder blades and knees
no more whispers into telephone lines
no more crack-coded eyebrows and wrists
no more telling your mother you have another business trip
to a state where nobody knows you
today is the day it happens
take my hand and lead me into the daylight
and we will stride down the street with our heads at full mast
and pride blazing behind our eyes
today is the day the red lips of our secrets come falling open
and all the love and strange and sadness come tumbling out
today we are not hidden any more
today we are shameless



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