Two Hundred and Seventy-Two.

Izzy circle


how warm all the shop windows look
glowing and spilling all over the pavement
the mannequins reclining
perfect smooth skin
pineapple and apple bikini prints
turning their plastic limbs with a wink
while we wither and chill outside


Sarah circle


Two women in their 50s on the Frankston line into Flinders Street, Monday, 9:22 am:

A: The only thing that I do low fat is my yoghurt. Oh, and I do diet jelly on Tuesdays.
B: Oh, that’s nice. That’s a nice refreshing treat.
B: You still doing Pilates?
A: On Tuesdays.
B: Oh, good on you. My teacher talks a lot. But she’s got this really calm voice. Really calm.
B: You see, no-one at work’s noticed. No-one’s said anything. Meanwhile, I’ve gone down in my clothes, you know! My sister’s noticed. And you. But nobody at work.
B: So, is your niece still with her husband?



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