Two Hundred and Sixty-Three.


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The Green Lantern Corps Message Board
5:19 PM (8 hours ago)


This is a message from Unregistered ( mailto: ) from the The Green Lantern Corps Message Board ( ).

The message is as follows:


Dear Fellow Patriot,

You may watch the full video here:


Allan Cox


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I strapped a go pro to my cat
to find the source of the weird odour
that hung about his fur of an evening.
I fast forwarded through the bird stalking
the fence post yowling
the never-ending tongue bathing
til he slipped through a crack in a church door
slunk through the aisles
paused at the feet of the bishop
and leapt into the pulpit
to stare with steady eyes at a sea of mewling parishioners.
His yowling sermon I could not fathom
but as he strutted homeward,
stinking of incense,
I thought with horror of the staring felines
littering my daily commute, my lunch break walk, my drunken street weavings
and wondered just when exactly the rapture was proposed



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