Two Hundred and Fifty-Two.


Izzy circle


Jordan Prosser succinctly deciphers the heart of seminal network TV shows:

A sitcom about 6 different types of plant life living in a New York apartment, navigating life and love together.

A hungry cow juggling their professional and personal life against the backdrop of 90s New York.

A bunch of male deer who hang out in a New York bar. “Grazier” is a spin-off of this show.

“Crill and Grace”
The enduring story of Deborah Messing’s ‘Grace’ and her microscopic crustacean best friend. Also the first widely watched sitcom to feature homo-crustacean relationships.

“How I Met Your Mollusc”
A sitcom and a love story, it takes hopeless romantic Ted Mosby 9 years to find the Mollusc of his future children.


Sarah circle


I sewed a spare stitch into my shirt
to remind my heart never to tear



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