Two Hundred and Thirty-Three.


Izzy circle



Preliminary Report

Thursday, August 21 2014, 12:09pm
Thunderblum Research Facility, Location Undisclosed

Initial tests carried out on a series of subjects suggest that the phenomenon of the ‘chest wrench’ observed in participants when a ‘swell’ or excess of emotion is detected, especially that of desire or yearning, may in fact be causally linked to the release of as yet unidentified hormones from the cortex.

The next round of testing is due to start Monday, August 25 2014. Subjects will be asked to create and destroy three of their most beloved dreams or aspirations. Results will be gathered from a remote observation facility in order to ensure the accuracy of the project.

Gillian Wilson,
Head of Research.


Sarah circle


She played the music back over and over, listened to the warm little aitches pasted onto the front of words, ‘huh-where’, he said, ‘huh-when’, like his mother had taught him to spell those funny old w words, told him never to forget those quiet little aitches, scolded him gently if he wrote wen and wat in an unsteady childish hand, and so he thought ‘damnit, I’ll put them back in where they belong, right at front, and nobody will forget them ever again.’ Huh-where? Huh-when? Like Scooby Doo floundering in fear. Huh-what? Huh-why did people ever call that fancy? Huh-when did people decide that they huh-weren’t expending enough air with their huh-words? Huh-why did who miss out? Nobody said huh-who. She huh-whispered under her breath: huh-who, huh-who, huh-who. Huh-wings fluttered outside the huh-window and she huh-winked back at the glass pane as the sun huh-went skidding down the sky.



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