Two Hundred and Twenty-One.


Izzy circle


my face is out of control at the moment
it’s gone AWOL, it’s throwing shapes all over the place
it made new friends when I wasn’t looking
my face is up shit creek without a paddle
but it’s on the party boat, so paddles are useless here anyway
if your name is your fate, then your face is your mate


Sarah circle


Overheard from a phone conversation of a girl on the Megabus from London to Edinburgh:
So, are you like, boyfriend and girlfriend now then?
Did you stay at his, then? How was that, you know, with the dog?
Have you told your mum about him yet?
Well, he is ginger.
Ginger baaaaaaabies.
Yeah, I get it, when you don’t want to make it – having fun – yeah, I’m in something a bit like that actually.
Yeah, I went to her wedding, and she looked –
Like, she looked as though she’d just turned up and put lipstick on, you know?
She probably forgot it was her wedding. She was out, and then she woke up, and just had to –
Yeah, I could stay with Tim, but I don’t really fancy sharing a bed with Tim.
Or, actually, maybe Tim –



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