Two Hundred and Twenty-Four.


Izzy circle


what does theatre mean to you?
being present.

have you ever wanted to die?

what does calmness feel like to you?
the bush and the sea.
I feel like I am at my calmest in the bush.
it’s a place to be still, a place to be quiet, a place to let go of –
oh, wait –
in Australia ‘bush’ also means the outdoors, forest, wilderness,
but I guess either one works.

what was your first impression of me?
you are bright.

why are you doing this?
I don’t know.

why are you doing this?
I wanted people to have a chance to be close to a stranger.

why are you doing this?
I want to be close to people.

when’s the right time to move in with a partner?
when you’re ready.
when you want to.
there are no hard and fast rules – it’s all bullshit.
either it feels right, or it doesn’t.
screw timelines.

should I move overseas?
take your new husband with you,
this is the greatest adventure.
you don’t have to be settled yet.
you can be each other’s portable homes.

should I quit my job?
if it’s not making you happy,
if it’s making you unhappy,
if you have the opportunity to do better
of course.
the city you love will always be there
to come home to if it doesn’t work out.

what is the biggest feeling you’ve ever felt?
the ocean falling on me.
when he died.

what is the hardest question someone asked you?

I was going to say ‘have you ever wanted to die’
but actually I think it was ‘do you really think people care if you tell the truth?’


Sarah circle


sitting on the ground with the cigarette butts old chip packets balls of spit
I am ploughing through a tub of bad cold pasta and I am terrified
terrified of absolutely nothing, which is the worst thing to be terrified of
the only thing to fear is fear itself but fear is pretty fucking scary



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