Two Hundred and Seven.


Izzy circle


undeniable evidence
I mean it’s obvious really
cats are deliberately misunderstood
the tell tale signs are always there
we’re speaking out against hateful ideology
our movement is growing at an explosive rate
a voice for cats
we want a voice for cats now
why is no one listening?
fight the good fight
pick your battles
take the red pill
debunk the myths
this is humanist counter-theory
this is egalitarianism
this is the way forward
the triumph of rationality
take the red pill
ideology mortally wounded and dying
one exposed lie at a time
hanging their heads in disbelief and shame
hopefully this will be a wake-up call for you
sometimes the good guys win after all


Sarah circle


The world turns on a knife’s edge
this fat little 4 year old roaring lion-eyed on the train
we pretend comical terror, he growls louder and louder
the American tourists opposite roll their eyes to the white
the child begins to scream as we all avert our embarrassment
His mother sleeps on.
The strutting man in the aisles sits down opposite me
presses his knees into mine, locks his cock in his gaze
I turn into the biggest bitch in Naples
don’t fucking look at me, my face spits out silent
don’t even fucking dare. He asks where we’re heading,
we say we don’t understand
the 4 year old throws a 5 cent coin at my tits
the main opposite laughs
I glare at the plastic seat by his right knee
and try to immolate them both with my outrage



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