Two Hundred and Two.


Izzy circle


the roof of the garden shed is sinking
beams bowing under the weight of each litter
but there’s nothing to be done

she gives you a good ol’ growl every time you get close
there’s no way to get em down from there
just gotta keep adding support beams from the bottom
make sure there’s something soft to land on when the roof finally gives way

her striped flanks shivering, snout raised from the roof
a new litter bouncing around up there every day
– phenomenal woman –
this Tasmanian tiger just won’t stop giving birth


Sarah circle


hey gurl I sure do like the way your face hits your neck
just like bam, out of nowhere
not like those bitches with those tapering jawlines
nah, yours is just like face face face neck aw yiss
I just like a little simplicity in my life is all I’m sayin



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