One Hundred and Eighty-Three.


Izzy circle


You are a fire that started itself and no one else knows how to put out.


Sarah circle


In a 36 hour travel haze
with my brain running over speed bumps
like stepping off a treadmill in my head
a headache tapping insistently at my temple
and the clouds laid out flat like a picnic blanket
I think ‘I am in the sky.’
which means about as much as
‘I am on a floating rock in the infinite vacuum of space’
and I think that of all the things that distinguishes man
all the horrors and heroism of this species of ours
we are remarkable mainly in this:
I think that we are the only creature that has a concept of reality
who can say (and does, and often) ‘This is unreal’
or ‘surreal’, or ‘hyper-real.’
All the otters and lions and midges and dogs of the world
Just are, just am, just be.



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