One Hundred and Seventy-Six.


Izzy circle


I am 100% not the first person to look at walnuts and think they look like brains
and want to crush them specifically to be confused by their determination to splinter instead of squish
the thing is that walnuts look breakable, and they are, just not in the way you think

time is a weird thing and it is always moving so fast when I’m not looking
and soon enough we will all be dying
we will be croaking on death beds and scratching at the air

so why am I wasting my time thinking about your hands
and why I decided to love them even though I hated the look and feel of them
your hands that were heavy and rough and dirty
and not like birds at all
your hands that terrify me even now


Sarah circle


Rolling over in the ferny marshland of my sleep
I finally kicked my dream from ‘Running but I feel really heavy’
into ‘Every step is a little further off the ground.’
There are trombones in my heartbeats, sulfur in my nose
The cats at dusk sound like orchestras tuning



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