One Hundred and Seventy-Three.


Izzy circle


try this one weird trick
extra centimetres of pleasure
hope I can trust you on these transaction?
become her no. 1

I got two thousand eight hundred and ninety nine dick pics in my inbox this morning
I ate too much chili and my eyeballs are sweating
I am sitting across from you making my face into a blank stare that says ‘I want you’ without really meaning it

in our otherwise meaningless lives

the future of modern technology is
this is the first lesson for travel remember
how do you even sleep?

sometimes people grow and expand like the trees do
reaching upward and downward and outward all at the same time
but never with the same kind of purpose

safety not guaranteed
batteries not included

be the change you want to see in the world


Sarah circle


I watch the stone rocket across the room and hit her in the temple
Her face crumples, tears swim, lips quiver
On the opposing team, eyes roll, sighs tumble out like a slinky down stairs
I breathe in and brew another rock in my belly
Launch it out between my teeth
Another hole in one



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