One Hundred and Seventy.


Izzy circle


December 2014:
~ 99m to go
I built you a house on stilts
I covered it in climbing vines
so it would burst into flower in the spring

it seemed like a good idea at the time.

February 2019:
you’re weeping at the edge of the water
and even if there was something I could do
I don’t know what it is.

wavelets lap at your ankles
the bougainvillaea rustles your hair
the jasmine puts an arm around you
and the wisteria watches and weeps.

December 1999:
we learnt about photosynthesis today
I think it means plants are kind of alive
in a way

maybe that’s why mum talks to the roses.

February 1999:
we learnt about the Earth spinning
around the sun
I felt dizzy thinking about it

I couldn’t think of an argument to prove
that the Earth is round
without using modern technology

February 2014:
happy Valentine’s Day.

no, really.

December 2019:
~89m to go
the house has turned into
a thing entirely of its own

we really got our roots in.
the roots really got into us, too.


Sarah circle


All the tears and the raging
The fear and the falling
All the aching and burning
And gnawing, searing sorrow
Have left me as whole as the day I was born
And search though I did for a crack or a burn
I found my skin taut and tight as a drum
And all that I felt as a flurry of thunderbolts
Turned out to be nothing but a bumblebee’s sting



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