One Hundred and Fifty-Four.


Izzy circle


the sea is thrusting itself against the base of this island
smashing over the rocks and into the sea walls
like it thinks this persistence will be rewarded
like this is the only way to get what it wants
like force is the way to a land-locked heart
that maybe just wants to stand
and greet the sea in its own way
or not at all
the Earth is 70% water
slowly chipping away at the land
sucking away the sand banks
pulling the rocks under
these human bodies are 60% water
we are made of the same stuff,
us and the Earth,
us and the sea the same
but when you look out at night, you can’t see any horizon
just ocean, everywhere
turning the lights off
trying to blend itself into the shore
dashing the edges to sediment
trying to swallow us whole and take us under


Sarah circle


I had to blackmail you into getting out of bed this morning with the prospect of your own inexorably approaching death
I think I am correct in saying that we have officially reached crisis point



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