One Hundred and Forty-Nine.


Izzy circle


I picked the perfect rose for you
and swallowed it whole
thorns catching in my voicebox


Sarah circle


I’ve got a new crest for the USA:
It’s a man fellating a handgun, and it’s blowing out his skull
I’ve got a new motto for the world:
It’s ‘We are the disease’
I’ve got a new message for the universe:
It’s ‘We are crueler than anything alive’
It’s ‘We do not deserve forgiveness’
It’s ‘God help the children’
It’s ‘Trust no-one’
It’s ‘How could this happen’
It’s ‘Turn back now’
It’s ‘Crush us to nothing’
It’s ‘Don’t try again’
It’s ‘Turn around and don’t stop ever stop running’



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