One Hundred and Twenty-Eight.


Izzy circle


pressing down on the air above the sheets
a body floating two feet above the bed

the springs still creak as it rolls over
either the ceiling is falling down to meet it
or this body is rising


Sarah circle


Ah help me help me
I’ve climbed so damn high now
And I can’t bear to look down
Grasping my koala hands on the ladder
Wood grain seeping into my fingertips
I am shattered and spread out to dry
These useless thighs are good for nothing but meat
And they are trembling
Can’t catch my breath with a butterfly net
Can’t anchor my actions any more
The dim dying day spits out its embers
And I am clutching this handrail
Like the hand of a lover through a hurricane
Nothing in this world would tempt me higher
Can’t bear the thought of climbing down
Just the thought of the fall is killing me
We’ll have to go through it
We’ll have to go through it



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