One Hundred and Thirty-Three.


Izzy circle


The water’s rising. Ten days from now, we’ll be 10 feet under. Nobody was worried about this yesterday. No one was worried last year. Most people didn’t believe it was actually going to happen. Some people thought that underwater suburbs in the cities would be a good thing. A tourist destination. An amusement park. A ghost town. A better place for the ghettos. Finally anyone who wanted to could have a 9 bedroom California bungalow looking at the sea. Some of us are going down to meet the water. To let it rush over us and erase our evolution. We don’t want to live in a world that saw this coming and did nothing.


Sarah circle


So this is how it feels to mistrust your own home
To see the tendrils of fear come sweet-voiced snaking
Not a fist, but a breath, a chill on the wind
When the shouting stops, and the dogs go quiet
And the sentinels pull blankets tight about their shoulders



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