One Hundred and Ten.


Izzy circle


guys with topknots are everywhere
I try to imagine you as a guy with a topknot
but it doesn’t come easily, it doesn’t seem very ‘you’
but then again I couldn’t conceive of your face without it’s little beard blanket
and here it is shining and radiant and still your face

it seems slightly disturbing to me that Doritos ‘original’ corn chips are covered in cheesy flavouring
there is nothing original about this
these corn chips are a lie

our new microwave seems to get filled up with condensation
I can’t understand where it’s coming from
or why it has nowhere else to go
that’s bad design, if you ask me

I saw through a crack in the door that my new housemate has a giant pikachu plush on his bed
this makes me like him even more than I did before.


Sarah circle


Lot’s wife has found another lover now
His name is Orpheus – he understands.



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