One Hundred and Seven.


Izzy circle


these are the weird years, these right here
are the times when we cannot know what will happen next
except that someone else will get engaged
someone will have a revelation about their purpose
every other week
and someone will become responsible for another human life

so you’d better run, son, you’d better run fast
get yourself a mortgage and two point five kids
or a pet at least, I’ve heard dogs deal better
with inconsistency than cats

things may not seem this strange again for a while
until everyone is leaving their joint mortgages
until everyone is redecorating empty nests
or we are all writing our epitaphs
waiting for our bones to be engraved in the dirt or the wind


Sarah circle


The day they throw me into jail
They’ll have to invent a new term just for me
To cover the scale of my crime.
‘Grand theft inhibitions with intent to bodily eviscerate’, perhaps.
That’s how hard I’m gonna fuck you.



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