Izzy circle


My feet are in the water and I can’t decide if its warm or not, but it’s not cold enough that I have to take my feet out. The pool is on the beach so it feels like you’re swimming in the sea but you’re in private and there are tiles rather than the scratch of sand and the water is calm and clear. My Pina Colada arrives and the coconut perches next to me like a fat and ungrateful bird. Ukraine’s dolphin army has shifted its allegiance to the Russians. There aren’t very many military-trained dolphins left in the centre though, like maybe only four or so. The plan is that the trainers will prepare dolphins for dophinariums around the world and sell them so that Russia can make a profit. I guess that means the dolphins won’t be used as soldiers any more, if they ever were. There are a lot of crazy theories about how military dolphins have been used in the past to combat frogmen and other underwater military threats. One of these theories incorporates the dolphins wearing equipment that allows them to butt into enemy divers injecting them with compressed carbon dioxide to make them explode. This seems unlikely but is definitely an interesting theory. I think being killed by a dolphin is probably not a bad way to go. I push my legs further into the water, up to the calves, and tug at my sarong and knock over my Pina Colada and look outside of me and think about swimming out to sea.


Sarah circle


90 seconds scrape past
Between the pull
And the peel
And dark alchemy
Pulls your face from the depths
And into the light



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