Izzy circle


we started off my screaming something that sounded like ‘we’re not dead yet’ from rooftops but it was like an internet cat video – we were making the sounds, hitting the syllables to make it seem human, to make it seem like we understood what we were saying because the context was right, but in the end it was nothing more than a string of loud noises that sounded like they should mean something.


Sarah circle


As the minutes tick away on my twenty-fifth year
And the coach calls quarter time
I stand quietly on the sidelines
Munching on a quartered orange
And survey the match thus far:
More focus is needed, inevitably
Keep your eyes on the prize
Determine, also, what the prize is or might be
Keep your limbs to yourself
Also your heart
Your heart does not belong in the scrum do you hear me
Or at least stop trying to give it to that kid on the sidelines
That kid does not want your heart
That kid wants an icecream
They are not the same thing
Look let’s drop this metaphor
You were always shit at sports
Just, honestly
Stop that
Stop it



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