Izzy circle


a list of things to do while waiting for hours to pass:
change the sheets
make space in the cupboards
re-fold the new towel
think about wolves and other animals you would like to be
re-arrange the dresser. again.
lose focus multiple times
hide all the mess. all of it.
sit by the window, quietly burgeoning, flourishing, vibrating
wrap some things in brown paper
line them up so they look casually placed
listen to Baths on repeat
dance in the empty room
put on clean clothes
have an extended argument about feminism on Facebook
don’t write the essay
make endless cups of tea
read patches of academic articles
write a list of words that taste delicious
forget what you’re doing. again.
hold your heart in your hands and whisper ‘be still. just…be still.’


Sarah circle


She runs her fingers across her collarbones like she’s checking for dust
And her eyes darken like ink in a bathtub
And I think: this is not good
And I think: not good at all
And I think: I’ve never been so turned on in all my life



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