Izzy circle


on walking down Sauchiehall st:

Nights, I go out hunting. Fresh meat, blunt heat and the tick of fluorescent bulbs. Awash in the dark, swallowing sound these hands are clean, I tell you. Clean. You can’t see them anyway, so what’s the difference?

Maybe we have to break everything to make something new.


Sarah circle


Papa, tell us the story of the moon and the sun.

You been gettin that story every night of your lives. Ain’t it time for a new one?

Please! Please! Pleeeaaaaassseeeee!

Oh, alright, alright.

The moon and the sun, they was big time lovers, they was. Big time. And they curled up together all the time all the time all kissin and rollin and bein each other’s one thing, one big thing, one big. And the sun she keep the moon all warm and the moon he keep the sun all cool and they so, so fancy together. And then one day, the sun she get up and she stretch and she stare at the stars. And she say old moon, she say, look at them shiny bright stars, they shiny like us, just like us two. And the moon he noddin and thinkin and broodin and the moon, he thinkin, now just who’s like who? Them pretty sharp stars, they twinkle like her, like my sun, like my lover girl, they bright on their own. But me, but old moon, he just bouncin that light, he ain’t got no sparkle to give. And he think, now my sunny, my lovey, my sweet, is she lookin at them ones, and not lookin at me? And he turns and can’t see her, can’t see that shine sun. And he’s thinkin – she’s off! She’s left for some star! And he’s cryin, ‘How long, love! How long’s it been it and not me, not your love, not your moony old dear!’ And he gets a bit anger in his pocky white head, and he thinks ‘Right, I’ll find her, I’ll catch em! All up in the act! And I’ll take her and tell her I don’t need her shine, I can go find some other to be diamond o’ mine!’ And he marches all huffy off all round the world. And the sun, she come singin to where ever they sat, cos she been out for a stroll for a little quiet air. And the moon, he ain’t there none, ain’t rumblin for her, and where he is, where he always, is dark and is black. And she shines and ain’t nothin come bouncin right back, and her light, it goes off into nuffin, into out deep far off. And she’s wailin and frettin, and she gets a big thought, and she’s thinkin ‘That mooner! He’s off with some star! Some star wot is prettier and brighter than I!’ And her tears burn up fiery and she thinks to herself, ‘Right, I’ll find him! I’ll catch him! All up in the act! And I’ll take him and I’ll tell him I don’t need his shine, I can go find some other to be diamond o’ mine!’ And off she stalks, right round the earth to find her old moon. But ain’t neither of them faster, and neither of them slow. And so moon comes a moonin all white in the night. And then sun comes a racin and burnin up day. And so they’ve been for ages, each chasin their loves. They’ve been racin and racin for ever ago, and they’ll keep on forever, if they don’t change their minds. But moon and the sun-girl, they’re stubborn as stones. And if only they’d stop and have a gnarly old chat, they could be all forever each other’s one thing. But they can’t hear the callin of each other’s old rock. Cos the world, it’s a biggun, and it’s a long long way round.



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