Izzy circle


Because we live in the future, here is Izzy’s real life voice
talking directly to you via the internet.


Sarah circle


Fifteen kids circling a tawny young policeman
Cutting off the exits, they’ve got him surrounded
He’s kneeling to fold the sock of the smallest one
And they’re all patting his shoulders, like the family dog
A boy in white reaches out to touch his gun
And he darts his hand back like a gasp to his hip
As a six-year-old throws up his chubby right hand
Makes a gun with his fingers, yells ‘DO YOU SHOOT THE ROBBERS?’
The kids laugh like firecrackers, fingerguns cocked
The cop strides to his car and they swarm in his stead
Someone’s mother photographs them standing there
A lanky policeman with a sweet soft father’s smile
And the army of hard-faced children with pistols of flesh
Staring dead-eyed and stony as the phone shutter fires.



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