Izzy circle


this is one of those days where I’m standing here,
holding my life in little pieces in my hands
looking down at it and wondering
what is this – is it mine?

and David Bowie’s swinging on the chandelier
it’s snowing outside, fire tickling my neck
glasses chiming another hour, another hour
living with my breath punching the air

high-fiving just the thought of you,
saluting the stars, even though
they’re lost in the clouds
writing love letters to all my friends –

hold yourself like a lover, like china,
like you would a hammer that is just about to strike
spin around one more time and remember to
remember this is how Valentine’s should be


Sarah circle


Tonight is a wolf moon
So I stand in the garden, smelling of beer and dirt
And spare a starry thought
For all the lovers tangled in each others’ hair
With their spit-slicked kisses
And bloodlust fucking
Tearing into miles of overripe flesh
Sucking each other like mandarins
Pith and piss and poetry.
Valentine’s Day is a day for people to say
‘I love you’, instead of ‘I want to devour you.’



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