Izzy circle


mornings, or afternoons
when I wake up and
interrogate myself in the mirror

I think ‘you would say I look cute’
and ‘I am letting myself go’

I don’t know why I keep putting it in my mouth
soy cheese is terrible
like literally disgusting
this is one of the worst things I’ve ever eaten

the problem is, once you taste the good shit
you can never go back
even if you’re severely allergic
sometimes I wish I’d never tasted real cheese.


Sarah circle


Whoever said that nature was peaceful had never seen it.
Nature is all about fucking and fighting and dying
And being torn apart by tiny insects
And running so hard your lungs might pop
From everything bigger or faster or meaner than you.
It’s being the swamp gum that jumped toward the sky
And screamed back at the ravenous bushfires
And kicked out at the rustling things at its feet
For two hundred years
And then, after two centuries of fighting,
Swayed and fell and was eaten by everything.
What a fucking joke.
And I’m not sure whether love exists
But if it does, all it means
Is forgiving forty-five times a day
Because it’s easier than snapping back.



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