Izzy circle


vogue says hello
photoshop’s on the phone

I don’t know how to feel
I don’t know how to be

but my cheekbones look

cold fists on the pavement
fire crackling on these lips

what can you say that will cut me down
how will I remember this?


Sarah circle


Today’s investment tip, from me to you:
3D printers. You’ve seen them on the news.
We’re all just carbon,
And with a blueprint in hand and a nozzle or two
You could plug one right in tomorrow
Watch layers and layers of wriggling matter
Become a steak
A gun
A stent
A shoe
A Porsche convertible
A signed copy of the Mona Lisa
A trip to Majorca, right in your backyard
A new house
A new car
A new dog
A new child
A new planet
A new hope
A new day
A new you
Forget your weekly lottery failures!
Sell your shares!
Buy big, my friend!
The future is yours to hold!



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