Izzy circle


I saw her on the wing
as we passed over the Carpathian Mountains
en route from Dubai.

snowcaps lush and perilous,
falling away beneath her dangling feet
she held on with a desperate strength
face gritted with certainty
and determination
ready for anything,
anything but an engine failure

her eyes are locked
like a slow-moving hurricane.

the only way is up
and falling is easy
if you do it with purpose

this is a woman who knows what she wants
this is a woman who knows how to arrive


Sarah circle


When the end days come
And the cities burn in the night
Like beacons of what we once lost
When the asphalt melts
And the sand on the beaches
Turns to slippery glass
I’ll take to the seas
With a cutlass between my teeth
And a compass to my chest
Tattoo my eyelids with squid ink
Fashion a beard of sea foam
And push headlong
Into the screaming wide ocean
To fight what is left to be fought



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