Izzy circle


map these bones
chipped and brittle
crack the crust and
suck my marrow

clean these fossils
these remains
lay me out to whiten
in the sun, hold me

while I disintegrate
crumble me to dust
let me be the speck
the dust in your eye


Sarah circle


God, I wish you weren’t leaving.
You are the oracle of fucking Delphi
And without you, Greece is lost.
You speak, and in the shape of your words,
Light blooms, like orchids in the night.
You carve the world’s nonsense into form,
Push it up against the wall
And shove a finger past its waistband.
You said to me once, through drunken, desperate gasps
And tumbling, secret laughs
That I would be yours one day.
Words like a prophesy.
Darkness made flesh.
You make me believe in love.
You paint the world in carnal colours
And elaborate, connect-the-dots stars.
You dance to the tune of the next train announcements
You pick out the song in the garbage truck roar
You stalk all the sunsets with a huntress’ heart
And the dawn bows down reverent to your gold goddess eyes.



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