Izzy circle



space was just an idea
stirring our coffees
you nibbling at muesli
our dog licking my feet

we did all the tests
hearts flapping as we ran
on treadmills
trailing electrodes

your spatial relations results
outweighed mine, just
but I beat you on exobiology
and rune translation

I held your hand
as we opened the email
laptops shaking
facing each other

distance can only be measured
in heartbeats
in breaths

you’re behind me all the way
I can’t wait to see
that blue dot receding

there will always be oceans
where we are together


Sarah circle


People who make me feel like I’m in a secret club:

1. Volvo drivers.
2. People who wear Dejour jeans.
3. People who use the word ‘dramaturgically.’
4. Boys who wear Claddagh rings.
5. People with nose rings.
6. Runners who look like they’re struggling.
7. Girls with husky voices.
8. Baristas who wink.
9. People who trip over on cracks in the footpath.
10. Librarians.
11. People who make puns.
12. People who don’t understand sport but do understand yelling.
13. People alone in stationery stores.
14. People who snort when they laugh too hard.
15. Pedestrians who have accidentally stopped in an inconvenient location to stare at a wall, or a bird, or the sky.
16. Drivers who have to be beeped to remind them that green means go.
17. People who quietly harmonise during group singalongs.
18. People who cry in happy films.
19. British people cooing in enthusiasm over a cup of tea.
20. Old people staring in confusion at their old hands.
21. Babies staring in confusion at their baby hands.



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